The Manufacturing Trade Remedies Alliance (MTRA) is a coalition of several trade associations and trade unions with an interest in UK manufacturing.  Formed in early 2017, our organisations believe that making things in the UK is good for our economy and society.  On a level playing field our manufacturers are able to compete internationally and succeed.  MTRA’s objective is to ensure that the UK’s trade policy enables that level playing field and that this should include a robust and efficient trade remedies regime.


What are trade remedies? – Trade remedies allow WTO members to remedy injury caused by unfair trading practices, such as dumped or subsidised imports, or from injury caused by unforeseen surges in imports.  Overview of trade remedies.

Why do they matter to business and employees?  – Without a level playing field, global market distortions created by unfair trading practices can cause irreparable injury to vital UK production and employment.

The crucial need for robust trade remedies – One of the consequences of leaving the EU is that the UK will need its own policies in place to protect UK manufacturers against unfair trade practices.  At present the UK benefits from EU-wide trade remedies but, after Brexit, the UK will need its own trade remedy regime.  The Department of International Trade has been developing its trade remedy policy and the MTRA has been working together to try to ensure that the new trade remedy regime is fit for purpose.  Whilst warmly welcoming the creation of the Trade Remedies Authority and the proposed legislation, MTRA has major concerns that the current proposals erode the level of protection currently provided by the EU trade remedy regime.  There is a vital need for a strengthening of the UK proposals to support industry sectors and the workers in these sectors. See policy positions for more details.

Members of the MTRA

Trade Associations Agricultural Industries Confederation, British  Ceramic Confederation, British Glass, Chemical Industries Association, Confederation of Paper Industries, Mineral Products Association, Renewable Transport Fuel Association.
Trade Unions Community, GMB, TUC, Unite

Contact – ukmanufacturingtraderemedies@gmail.com